The short answer is “No,” you do not need to create an app to draw traffic from people using their smartphones to go online.

Morgan Stanley points out that only 12 of the top 50 companies have more traffic coming from apps than mobile browsers. That statistic indicates the continued dominance of the mobile browser for most publishers, brands and marketers … more than likely, that includes you.

A typical app user spends 80% of their timing using just three apps. Facebook & Twitter apps are the most used, accounting for an overwhelming majority of app usage thus skewing the data about app usage as it related to most brands. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram apps provide a level of utility that most businesses just can’t replicate from their app efforts. Social media is embedded in the lives of not only millenials, but older generations as well, in a unique way.

App fact: 80-90% of apps are downloaded and deleted after just one use!

Because of 2015 changes in Google’s search algorithms, in order to rank well in Google search results, it is critical for your website to be mobile-friendly.

Use your financial resources wisely by maximizing the mobile website browser experience for your website visitors. It is very likely that the cost to develop an app for your business will not be an investment with much return.

Don’t have time to optimize your website for mobile browsers? Don’t understand the changes required for website visitors on smartphones?  Contact a digital marketing professional to help you assess your website’s ability to attract and convert mobile smartphone website visitors.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule so don’t discount apps completely. A digital marketing professional can help you understand and implement the best options for your business. When it comes to fast-evolving digital marketing strategies, it pays to assess your opportunities and challenges on an ongoing basis.