Like many small, family-owned businesses, the Graham family (Jeremiah and his parents, Ray and Beth) have invested a significant amount of their marketing budget in their website and digital advertising, such as Google AdWords, online display advertising (banner ads) and online yellow page listings.

Because of the pricing of the products sold at Evergreen Home & Hearth, the business does not sell their products online. Their website acts as a showing room without e-commerce, so online sales can’t be used to measure the performance of online advertising.

This brief case study demonstrates how REACH Maine Marketing helped the Graham family set trackable website goals and measured performance to aid in spending decisions for digital ads.

As mentioned in the introduction, with no direct e-commerce sales to track, Evergreen needed to understand if buying online advertising was beneficial to their business, despite a the fact that their website is not e-commerce. Additionally, they wanted to learn which digital advertising options are most effective for their business.

In the marketing analytics world there are 2 basic types of goals to track on your website, macro goals (e-commerce, $$$) and micro goals.

Highlighted in Part III: Align Your Website Goals With Your Business Goals.