An animated GIF is a graphic image on a web page that moves. SinceĀ  Facebook officially started allowing animated Gif files to be posted in status updates in 2015 they have become common in feeds looking like brief videos that loop endlessly.

When covering the 2016 Eastern Maine High School Basketball Tournaments, REACH client, The American, wanted to share some exciting, game-changing at-the-buzzer shots with their social media followers. REACH designer, Tim S. was there to help.

“Animated GIFs are engaging and they help illustrate a point and bring life to a page or post that a static image,” Says Tim S. “One of the great benefits is you can make your post show the motion without the overhead of video.”

Facebook allows businesses to boost posts with animated GIF files. If you’re using Facebook advertising to drive traffic to your website, they can make your posts more interesting and effective.