We see it happen all the time. A client invests in a website so they can make announces and show the events and activites going on at their business.

Then, when they promote their events and announcements on Facebook, they start all over again. Rather than using the social site to promote the event on their website, they try to tell the whole story in a Facebook post.

Facebook is an important tool for sending traffic to your website. In fact, for many businesses, next to search engines, it is the top referer of traffic to their website. Facebook is ideal for posting highlights, customizing messaging, and sending leads to your website.

It’s incredibly easy to use the tools built into Facebook to create an engaging¬† post.

  1. Go to the page on your website you would like to promote and copy the address line from the address bar.

    copy url

    Copy the address for the page or event you will promote on Facebook

  2. On your facebook page, paste the page address into your Facebook status. Facebook will go to the page and grap the content from that page to make the post.

    Paste the URL and Facebook populates the post

    Paste the URL and Facebook automatically populates the post

  3. Facebook will populate the headline with the name of the page on your website. You may want to edit the this to make a stronger focus for your post. Just click in the headline and edit the text.

    Edit the Facebook Headline

    Edit the Facebook Headline

  4. Facebook grabs the top copy or the META copy to fill the post description. You can also edit this copy to make it appropriate for your post.

    Edit the description

    Facebook finds the page META description and fills in the description field. Click on the field to edit the copy.

  5. You can now delete the URL from the post and write something to grab your followers attention.

    Write your Facebook Post

    Write an attention grabbing Facebook Post

  6. Select Publish and you’re done! You’ve created a well-crafted Facebook post that will send visitors to your website for complete information.

    Publish post

    Select Publish and you’re done!