Written testimonials are powerful selling tools. A positive review from a customer or client can instill confidence in a perspective buyer or client. When talking about the benefits of a product or service, a customer testimonial can have more influence in a buyer’s decision than carefully written sales materials.

Seeing and hearing a customer talk about your product or service will resonate more than reading about it. In even a brief, 30 second to one minute video, viewers will be able to see your current customer’s sincerity and enthusiasm.

Effective video testimonials come in a variety of formats and qualities. While professional quality video isn’t always necessary, good sound and video production can help focus the viewer’s attention on the message and professional editing can help hold their interest throughout the video.

REACH produced a series of customer testimonial videos editing a compilation video with highlights:

Four benefits of video testimonials:

  1. Video testimonials create credibility and instill trust

When they can see a real person delivering a message, video viewers connect more with the person telling about their experience. During even a brief video, viewers build a relationship with the video personality, remember their message and even passing it on to others. When video viewers watch and listen to someone talk about the benefits of your product or service, they’ll trust that information more than if they were reading it.

  1. Videos are easy to share on social media

With social media sites, it’s easy to share video testimonials with your followers and increase exposure through targeted sponsored posts. By posting your videos on YouTube, your videos can come up in relevant Google searches and increase word-of-mouth about your business. If you create a YouTube testimonial playlist, you’ll have a great destination for perspective customers and clients. Check our channel, REACH Maine Marketing Client Video Testimonials.

  1. Video increases the effectiveness of email marketing

HubSpot reports that using the word “video” in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%, increases click-through rates by 65%, and reduces the number of people who unsubscribe by 26%. Depending on the type of email marketing service you use, you can embed video in your email or include an image that gives the appearance of a video which, when clicked, links to YouTube for viewing. However your video is added, it can increase the number of times your email is opened and the number of clicks to your website, and the number of leads generated.

  1. They help with search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engines look at the amount of time visitors spend looking at your website. If they hang around for a while, it indicates that your site has valuable information, so search engines are more likely to recommend your site to others. Engaging video will increase the time visitors spend on your site so search engines like Google will send more visitors your way.

If you’re convinced video testimonials will help your business, contact REACH Maine Marketing. We can help you produce professional testimonials videos and develop a strategy to increase leads and sales.