Dirigo Montessori School is a long-time REACH client. Their website was designed in 2009 and had served them well over the years with many updates to the content and the addition of an external blog and resource information.

When the school Director, Alexandra Wlodkowski, contacted REACH to add information about their move to a new location,  we asked if it might be a good time to consider a complete website update and redesign. Alexandra enthusiastically agreed and scheduled an appointment to meet with REACH to talk about a new website with contemporary, look and feel. We agreed to develop a site with colors from nature showcasing beautiful Montessori learning materials.

Twelve business days later, Dirigo Montessori School, has a new website. “A big thank you goes to the team at REACH Maine Marketing who did stellar job synthesizing information from three sources including the original site, my blog, and wiki page,” said Alexandra Wlodkowski.

You’re welcome, Alexandra. Our pleasure.

The Montessori Classroom

Dirigo Montessori wanted their website to show the many beautiful learning tools that are an important part of their classroom.

Montessorie Classroom Environment