In mid-July REACH Maine Marketing was alerted by one of our software vendors that a critical vulnerability to their ecommerce software had been detected. Not an unheard-of problem that software companies face, but still, a concerning one.

The software company, WooCommerce, instantly went into action creating a patch and exploring ways to do automatic software updates for all their customers. They also alerted their clients, including REACH, about the issue and the team here chose not to wait for vulnerable sites to be automatically updated.  We went through them one by one and installed the patch and updated all of our client’s security without delay.

To date, WooCommerce has not found any compromised data but the investigation into the matter will continue. If any compromises are found, the specific customers affected will be notified.

One of the advantages of working with a local web services company is for exactly this situation. Your protection is our top priority.  Our clients are not just a ticket number waiting for support. We will always drop what we are doing to make sure that each site hosted by us is safe and secure for your business to continue to thrive in an increasingly web-based market. To say that we worry about it so that you don’t have to might be cliché, but it’s what we are committed to doing each day for our customers.

If you do not have your current site hosted with REACH Maine Marketing and you have WooCommerce on your site, please make sure to check the WooCommerce website for more information about this critical vulnerability and ways to protect your website.