A Virtual Home for St Mary & St Jude


The past year has been hard on so many businesses and organizations.  Many of our clients, both old and new, have tried to make the best of things by using their time to update and upgrade their sites and the way they go about their daily business.

If you are a church during a pandemic, especially one on Mount Desert Island, the pressure is truly on to be able to council parishioners, offer support, and to minister across the miles to the usual summer congregation; all without being able to see them in person.  To many, their church family is an extension of themselves. Where much of the Island winters elsewhere, a lot of the usual church parishioners were unable to come back as they had done every year; some since childhood.

The Parish came to us looking for a unique website that highlighted both the history of the church and the beauty of the region, combined with modern flare. They wanted a website that would be soothing and informative to newcomers and veteran members.

REACH Maine started working with St Mary’s & St Jude right in the middle of a flurry of rapidly changing mandates to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  With that, design elements had to change on the fly; something that our team was happy to help with as the world in Downeast Maine began to normalize. 

We were thrilled to be able to help The Parish of Saint Mary and Saint Jude reach their goal this summer with a new site that has all of the information that their existing parishioners need, as well as to help visitors to the Island be able to find a beautiful peaceful place to worship while visiting Mount Desert Island.  

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