Flaherty Realty Gets a Facelift


A few months ago, we were contacted by Flaherty Realty our of Brunswick about an updated website. Owner David Flaherty was in the market to have a simple site that he could use to help guide prospective buyers and sellers through the ever-increasingly difficult task of buying and selling property.

His old site had been outdated for quite some time.  Many of the elements that were there simply didn’t work or were not build in a user-friendly way so that periodic updates could be done as needed.

The team at REACH first met with David and an associate via Zoom so that we could go over his thoughts about what he wanted to see on his new site, and what he needed it to do for his business.  Our designer was on hand taking notes and gathering David’s sense of style as we chatted. Then, she built a mockup of what she imagined for the Flaherty Realty home page.

After some adjustments, the client was satisfied that his site would be just what he had envisioned, and our team moved ahead to give them the site that Flaherty needed to help them grow.

This process is important when building custom websites for our clients.  Maine is a diverse state with many different small businesses with unique needs. With so many one size fits all options out there, REACH Maine strives to help the individual small business tell their story, their own way.

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