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Emery’s Cottages Picks Up Speed

When Ashley and Chris visited us in August, Emery’s Cottages website was a bit incomplete and very slow. The REACH Team has made the site load three times faster!

The new site offers About Us, Contact and FAQ pages as well as a pleasing Our Cottages landing page. Users can now view cottages sorted by No Kitchen, Kitchenette and Full Kitchen categories which can determine the length of their stay.

We also trimmed the home page content to improve the scroll experience and ensure that the user was able to navigate easier. This meant eliminating content that was not essential to the promotion of the cottages.


This website was a lot of fun to work on and we are pleased with the outcome. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

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The individual cottage pages have been improved as well. These pages now offer continuity when viewing interior images as well as a pop up map to show where that particular cottage is located on the property. Icons show amenities specific to that cottage at a glance.

The BOOK NOW button jumps you down to the bottom of the page where users can check the availability of the cottage for their specified dates. A new call to action prompts users to check all cottages if this particular cottage is not available for their preferred dates.

New City of Ellsworth Website Features Citywide Alerts and Email Notifications
With the launch of the new City of Ellsworth website, residents can sign up to be notified when new meeting agendas and other notices are posted to the site as well as see important alerts displayed prominently on the home page.

When the City of Ellsworth requested proposals for the development of a new site, the list of desired features was based on feedback from residents.

  • Visitors to the site needed to be able to easily find information on city services without knowing what department provided the service.
  • Residents wanted to be able to sign up to receive an email letting them know when certain notices were added to the site.
  • The site needed to work well on mobile phones and tablets.

While the City’s website committee considered a proposal from a national company which specializes in developing sites for municipalities, they elected to award the project to a local company that could provide personal attention and is conveniently located just a five minute walk away – REACH!


REACH Maine Marketing Launches New Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce Website
When the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce contacted REACH requesting a proposal for a new website, we knew it was an opportunity to earn back a client. From 2004 to 2014, the Internet Department of The Ellsworth American (now REACH) managed the Chamber website. We knew their move to another provider was temporary when we heard they were ready to ready to sign our proposal and start their new site.

The project was organized into two stages. First, we needed to deal with technical issues involved with exporting over 700 member listings from their old site and importing them into a new platform, and create member logins for each of those members to have the ability to edit their listings and submit community events.

In the second stage, our task was to develop a site design that shows the beauty of Downeast Maine, makes it easy for visitors to find information and activities in the area, and helps residents find local business providing the goods and services they need.

With a tight deadline brought about by the end of the Chamber’s contract with their previous provider, the goal was to launch the week before one of their biggest events of the year, Autumn Gold.

We’re happy to announce we made the deadline and launched a new site that exceeded the Chamber’s expectations. “REACH Maine Marketing clearly understood our needs and the team made our site come together much more easily than we thought possible. They even thought of a few features that we had not!” said Gretchen Wilson, Executive Director. “Members and Visitors to the site like how easy it is to use and the features like maps to locate each member business. We have heard nothing but great feedback.”

Bring life to posts with animated GIFs

An animated GIF is a graphic image on a web page that moves. Since  Facebook officially started allowing animated Gif files to be posted in status updates in 2015 they have become common in feeds looking like brief videos that loop endlessly.

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Want more website traffic? Refresh your content!

Search engines, like Google, are constantly indexing sites, looking for keywords and fresh content. While search engines look at many different things to determine your search results rank, one important factor is fresh content. Search engines reward sites that frequently update and revise content by sending more visitors. Sites that have stale content tend to fall lower in search results.

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REACH Maine Marketing launches new, mobile-friendly website for MDI Hospital
New MDI Hospital Website

MDI Hospital’s new mobile-friendly website features bold imagery representing life on the island and hospital services.

Ellsworth, Maine, September 29, 2015 – REACH Maine Marketing is excited to announce the launch of the new MDI Hospital website. Featuring bold images representing the services and culture of the hospital as well as life on Mount Desert Island, the clean design works effectively on mobile phones as well as desktop computers. Visitors can easily access information about hospital services, health centers, news stories, events, and job openings as well as gain access to the hospital’s patient and giving portals.

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Introducing REACH Marketing
To Our Valued Customers,

Change happens, whether we’re ready or not.  It’s a lesson the newspaper industry has learned time and time again.  There has been no greater game changer than the Internet, in our business and in so many others.

So we’re adapting once again, with the launch of our latest venture, REACH Marketing.

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