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Web Analytics Case Study: Evergreen Home & Hearth

Like many small, family-owned businesses, the Graham family (Jeremiah and his parents, Ray and Beth) have invested a significant amount of their marketing budget in their website and digital advertising, such as Google AdWords, online display advertising (banner ads) and online yellow page listings.

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Part II: How Consumers Access Your Website

In Google Analytics, the term “channels” is used to describe how consumers access your website. Using a rollup of most of our 100+ customers, we’ll provide some generalized information to help you understand these concepts. Read More

Part I: Owning Your Website vs. Renting Online Space

The concept of own vs. rent is not a new one. In digital marketing, we think of sites you can’t control, like social media channels, as rentals and your website is what you own. We’ve had a couple of customers indicate they’re considering abandoning their websites and focusing their marketing investment on social media. With each lightening fast passing day in the digital marketing world the evidence is more and more clear. This is a very dangerous strategy.

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