Cheryl Wixson’s Kitchen

Cheryl Wixson’s mission is to educate the public about fresh, organic food grown in Maine and to provide easy, healthy recipes the public can enjoy throughout the year as well as making the products she produces available to ship anywhere. While she’s tending the farm, working in her kitchen, and educating the public she relies on REACH to manage her e-commerce and add her recipes and workshops to her website each week.
We have a beautiful new website…
I’d done a little research. I wanted a site that was appealing, and easy to use. The REACH Team understood what I was trying to do. It takes time to do things really well and they were able to take the time with me – and on my schedule. We met regularly and worked it out together. They were great, just top notch pros. I can’t say anything more.
Cheryl Wixson
Cheryl Wixson
Owner, Cheryl Wixson's Kitchen

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