When we first talked to Surry Gardens, their old site was quite outdated with some technology that we needed to replace to be able to help them with updates.  The first thing we did was take over the hosting so that we could make the necessary changes to keep the site updated on a weekly basis during their high season.

The new site took some time to build simply because custom sites like this one can involve a lot of information that do need to be provided by our clients.  Not always an easy task when you run a busy small business, but Surry Gardens absolutely rose to the challenge and gave us everything we needed to get the new site up and running.

Between the knowledgeable staff at Surry Gardens and our creative team here at REACH Maine, we were able to give Surry Gardens the site that they envisioned for their business.  Check out the new Surry Gardens site .

Is your business ready for an upgrade on your website?  Let REACH walk you through the process and help you make the site your business needs to grow with you.

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