It is an extremely important task in any part of the United States to make sure that with as many cultures and languages that live together that we make sure that everyone is understood in any given situation’ especially when it comes to their healthcare or in legal matters.  Maine Translators is here to help here in Maine.  They are a distinguished group of translators from all walks of life that are hired to help make sure that everyone’s needs can be met, and we were thrilled to help them design their new website.

Maine Translators originally had an old HTML site that was clunky and hard to use. Worse, by today’s standards, it was not user- friendly for the group or for potential clients who need their services. In the way that users access the internet world today, being mobile friendly is paramount to any organization.

Our designer, Than, was able to give them a site that looks simple for anyone visiting the site, but behind the scenes he had to build-in a complex database that made finding the right interpreter easily and quickly for their clients.

The two sites are like night and day, and we were happy to be able to present to our client a professional site that had everything they needed to help others across the state of Maine.  Check out the new site.

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