Meals on Wheels goes mobile



Making Community Happen is a wonderful organization out of York County right here in Maine that provides folks on fixed incomes with affordable housing, support, and Meals on Wheels.  All designed to help keep people as independent as they choose to be for as long as possible. 

It was our pleasure here at REACH Maine Marketing to help bring this organization’s vision to life as they designed a site that suited their mission and their needs. 

As a non-profit, Making Community Happen relies heavily on public support.  For that reason, they needed to make sure that their Donate pages were clear and easy to find and that it would come with the ability to let their contributors choose to do a onetime donation, or even recurring gifts monthly or annually.

Making Community Happen also wanted to be able to be a user-friendly space for clients to search for services they need or to talk to future volunteers about opportunities to be a part of something so worthwhile.  

We were delighted here at REACH Maine to be able to help them build a dynamic site that told their story the way they wanted it told while giving them the technology they needed to grow their organization and continue to help the community that they live in.

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