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Big News for Tiny Tikes

When the folks at Tiny Tikes Daycare contacted us about working with them for a new site the team couldn’t wait to get started!  Before even getting the go ahead from the boss, our designer had already come up with a concept and a first draft of the cutest little website we had ever seen.  I should note here that the design team at REACH is currently all moms.  Kids are just what we do.

We had a lot of fun working with Betsey and the staff at Tiny Tikes making sure that the sight was playful and colorful just like the facility they work in.

 We then added the elements on education and nutrition; something that the staff takes very seriously.  A visitor to the Tiny Tikes website will be able to easily see what this local day care has to offer as well as their goals for continuing education and dedication to helping kids become the people they were meant to be.

Whenever we get the chance to work with a local business, whether large or small, our team is always thrilled to work closely with area business owners to make their website a window into who they are and what they do. It is our pleasure to serve the business community in Maine.

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A New Look for the Town of Lamoine

Local government, including our small towns, are the keepers of an enormous amount of information that they store in case citizens need to access it. It is there to have a record of anything related to their town whether it’s historic, town business, or just registrations for the family car, you can likely find anything you are looking for on their website.

The Town of Lamoine is no exception.  You need to know what happened at the last Selectmen’s meeting? The information is there. Want to know what is coming up for meetings and how you can see them?  Check the website. Need a tax map or to know what you need to do to get a burn permit?  They’ve got that too.

In fact, the town had everything they needed on their site. So, why a new one?  The town office and the tech committee had always housed the towns website right there on their own server.  Not a bad thing but could be problematic in the future as more and more information was saved and put up on the site. And, swiftly changing security was bound to eventually leave the site vulnerable. 

The original site was also really the original site. Well maintained, but it would not have been long until the software was not only just out of date, but obsolete.  It was time to build something new.

After meeting with the town administrator and getting town approval, our team took all of that information and reorganized it into something that was ADA compliant, and user friendly.  The new site shows off a friendly little town to curious visitors while giving residents the tools they need to take care of business.

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